Monday, July 27, 2015

Lets End Food Waste!

Americans dump up to 40% of food in the cycle of farm to table to landfill according to the an article by the NRDC

"Much of the dumping can be pinned to arbitrary sell-by dates and aesthetic criteria formally and informally governing the food that makes it to market," states Clay Aldern in an article for

"Many supermarkets throw expired food out even before its sell by date, and they don't donate it, due to a fear of being sued," states John Oliver in the video above. 

Addressing the American food waste issue is a goal of Harmony Cafe's as well as other community cafes around the United States. 

One of the core values of the One World Everybody Eats Community Cafe guidelines is:
"Patrons choose own portion size - You can offer small, medium and large plates, mindful portion sizes, buffet or cafeteria style. This helps eliminate food waste, curb overeating and supports your customer in adhering to their personal budget."
By allowing the customer to choose their own portions, less food is thrown away if it is not eaten by the consumer. 

Similarly, The Real Junk Food Project, out of Armley, West Yorkshire, England, is a cafe founded on the principle of ending food waste. They use left over food, or food close to expiration date, from cafes and restaurants to help end food waste and feed the hungry. 

"Nutrition is also lost in the mix - food saved by reducing losses by just 15% could feed more than 25 million Americans every year, at a time when one in six Americans lack a secure supply of food to their tables." - NRDC
 So what do you say? Lets work together to end food waste, as well as food insecurity. 

All donations to Harmony Cafe of any size are welcome, and will be used to help get us out of the start up phase, and to help end food waste. 

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